About Us

Our mission is
to motivate you to
exceed your fitness
goals and live a happy
and healthy life.

We are a boutique fitness studio offering a unique combination of complementary group workouts. Life is not about standing still, and here at CYC:D we are always on the move, sourcing the best instructors, using the best technology and providing a fitness experience which challenges the norms.

Our class schedule is designed to fit with your lifestyle and make it as easy as possible for you to get to the class you want, whenever you want. All classes can be booked quickly and easily online. We’re keeping things simple. No contracts, just buy your credits, book in and work out.

We make no secret of the fact that fitness is tough; but it’s even tougher if you are working out alone. CYC:D brings together like-minded people to help drive you to reach your own personal goals. We believe that by working out together, as a team, a community, a movement, we can change the way you look and feel. Let’s get ready. Let’s get together.

Let’s get CYC:D!


Music gets us CYC:D. Our playlists are positive and uplifting. They are carefully selected by our very own in house DJ’s and best of the best instructors to ensure there is something for everyone. Music creates energy. Energy drives performance. Performance produces results.

Studio Sounds