The Lowdown

  • New to CYC:D?

    We recommend you try one of our one time introductory offers. This gives you a chance to try different classes and pick your favourite.

    For your first visit it would be great if you could arrive 15 minutes before your class starts. Our friendly team will check you in, and show you around.

  • Booking

    Classes can be booked a week in advance allowing you to plan your workouts a week at a time.  You can book at any time during the week up to 30 minutes before a class starts. After that, we ask you to call the studio directly on 01428 645055.

  • Arrival Time

    We ask that you arrive and check in at least 5 minutes before the start of your class so we know you are here. If you have not checked in by this time, your place may be released to the wait list and walk-ins.

    Once the class has started you will not be able to enter the studio, so please ensure that you arrive with enough time.

  • Waitlist

    If a class is full you can opt to join the waitlist (you will need a credit in your account to hold the place). If places become available, they will be allocated automatically on a first come, first served basis.

    Waitlist spaces will be automatically allocated when a space becomes available up until 2 hours before the class start time. Please ensure you remove yourself from the waitlist if you don’t think you’ll be able to make it. If you are allocated a place through the waitlist you will be notified by e-mail.

    If a place becomes available within 2 hours of the start of class, all remaining people on the waitlist will be contacted and asked if they would like to accept the booking. You can cancel your waitlist for a full refund at any time up until you have been allocated a place.

  • Walk-Ins

    Spaces sometimes become available last minute. These will be available 5 minutes before the start of a class and are allocated on a first come first served basis. We recommend you arrive 10 minutes before class and are ready to work out.

  • Cancellation

    CYC:D has a 12 hour cancellation policy. Your credits will be fully refunded as long as you cancel your booking 12 hours or more before the start time of your class.

  • Shoes

    For our Cycle classes it is your choice whether you wear trainers or clip in. We would recommend that you clip in as cycling shoes increase the connection between the leg and the bike, engaging the hamstrings and glute muscles resulting in lean, toned legs. It also enables you to safely spend more time out of the saddle, which increases the engagement of core muscles, raises the heart rate and burns more calories. So if you haven’t clipped in before – give it a go!

  • Bikes

    Our Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue bikes are the real deal. Having tested every bike on the market, the CYC:D team unanimously agreed that these are the best. Not only do they look and feel great, they are simple to set up. If you are a first time, there are 3 places where you can adjust your bike – seat height, seat position and handlebar height. If you need help getting set up, arrive early and we will give you a hand.

  • Water

    Staying hydrated when you exercise is a must. We provide water in the studio for you to fill up your own bottle, or you can buy water from CYC:D Kitchen. Keep hydrated during your class, and don’t forget to fill up when you leave. A hydrated body is a healthy body.

  • Lockers

    There are plenty of lockers in our studio, so whilst you are working out, lock up your things in our key-code operated lockers.

  • Towels

    Our changing rooms are stocked with lovely fluffy towels for after your shower. You will also be provided with a cold facecloth at the end of any cycle session. We recommend that you bring your own sweat towel for during your workout – you’re going to need one!

  • Amenities

    Our small but perfectly formed changing rooms and showers are stocked with luxurious shower and body products. We also have hairdryers and straighteners so you can head out looking even more gorgeous than when you came in.